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Model Question Paper_ EMC

ME-5005 (1)
Model Question Paper
Time: 3 Hrs                                                                          Maximum Marks: 70
Note: (i). Attempt any five question
            (ii) All question carry equal marks.
Q. 1  (a) What is law of requisite variety& also explain system stresses and entropy.
         (b) What are the key components of a system?

Q.2   (a) Explain Open-adaptive flexible system and its significance.
         (b) Explain Steven-Alter’s nine element work system model.
Q.3   (a) What is BCG matrix.
(b) What do you understand by structured and unstructured decision? Illustrate by an example..

Q.4   (a) What are the steps involved in decision making.
         (b) Explain in brief different types and levels of planning.

Q.5    (a) What are 4P`s of marketing Mix and Explain Differentiate between `Marketing`  and `selling`.
          (b) What are the concept of fund flow.

Q.6    (a) Explain in brief the four P components of the marketing mix.
          (b) What do you mean by break-even point and payback period?

Q.7    (a) Define time measurement and Explain in brief the steps followed in method study for method improvement?   
           (b) What is Productivity and also explain concept of TPM?
Q.8     (a)  What is the role of an entrepreneur in generation employment opportunities?
           (b) What are the objectives of Entrepreneurship development programs? Explain in brief the role and relevance of ED’s.  

Roll. No…………………….

Entrepreneurship and Management Concepts
Time: 3:00 Hours                                                                                                       Maximum Marks: 70
1.        Attempt all questions.
2.        All parts of each question are to be attempted at one place
3.        Explain through sketches wherever possible.
4.        Assume any missing data suitably.
5.        Part a (50 words)- [2 marks]; b (50 words) – [2 marks ]and Part c (100 words)-[3 marks]  are COMPULSORY.
6.         Part d  OR Part  e (400 words) have internal choice [7 marks]

Q1.          a) Define ‘System’. State its important characteristics.
                b) Explain Supra and Subsystems.                 
                c) Compare feedback (pull) and feed forward (push) control related to a system.                                                               
d) Explain Steven Alter’s nine element word model system?                                    
                e) Discuss and compare with example; functional and cross functional system.

Q2.          a) State the function of management department in any industry.
                b) Explain the concept of e-business.
                c) Discuss business process reengineering (BPR).                                         
d)What is SWOT analysis? Explain the process of SWOT analysis.                        
e) State Maslow’s need hierarchy and Herzberg two factor theory.
Q3.          a) Differentiate between marketing and selling.
                b) What do you understand by profit and loss account?                           
                c) Discuss the core concept need, want and demand with suitable example.         
d) Explain the forms of business ownership with example.                                       
                e) Discuss the concept of CRM and Market Research.
Q4.          a) Define the terms productivity. How it effect the standard living of happiness.
                b) Differentiate between operations management and project management?                                      
                c) Discuss type of productivity with suitable example.                                               
d) Define time study.  Discuss various instrument used for it.
e) What do you understand by SIX- Sigma Quality? Discuss in details from concept of applicaton.
Q.5     (a) Define Entrepreneurship? State quality of entrepreneur.
            (b) Define Entrepreneur Development Program(EDP)
            (c) What do you mean by Expert Promotion and Indigenization?
            (d) Discuss theory of Entrepreneurship in detail.
            (e) Describe various sources of funds for a new Entrepreneur.


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