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Q.1 Explain system and its characteristics using a simplified model of a physical system.
Q.2 What are the different types of system?  Explain the concept of closed and open system.
Q.3 Explain feedback and feed forward type of control system.
Q.4 Differentiate between the following:
(i) Open and closed system.           (ii) Subsystem and supra-system.
Q.5 Explain whether computer is an open or closed system with line diagram.
Q.6 What are law requisite variety and its implications?
 Q.7 Define entropy in context of organization system.
Q.8 Draw and explain Steven Alter’s nine element work system model.
Q.9 Write short notes on-
(a). System coupling                                                 (b) stresses in system
(c). Entropy in system                                              (d) customer delightness


Q.1 what is the importance of managerial work?  Explain in brief the functions of management.
Q.2 What are different schools of management theories?  Explain Contingency school of management.
Q.3 Explain line, Staff, and matrix organization.
Q.4 What do you understand by SWOT analysis?
Q.5 What do you understand by BCG Matrix?
Q.6 What is Knowledge management?
Q.7 What do you understand by learning organization?
Q.8  What is e-business? Give strategies for a successful e- business.
Q.9 Define and Explain corporate culture and its type.
Q.10 What is motivation? Explain the Maslow’s theory of motivation?
Q.11 What is leadership? And explain the method of leadership?
Q.12 What is BPR and also explain the MIS system?
Q.13 Briefly explain the steps in decision making?
Q.14 Write short notes on-
(a). behavior formalization                              (b) personality trait


Q.1 Define marketing and the concepts of need, want and demand.
Q.2 Explain in brief the forms of business ownership.
Q.3 Explain the marketing concept and the factors on which it depends
Q.4 Explain the following:
Profit and loss account                    Payback period
Capital structure                                societal marketing
Industrial markets                             breakeven point
Balance sheet                                       CRM and its importance
Product value
Q.5 what is advertizing?  Explain the purpose of advertizing
Q.6 Explain product life cycle with example?
Q.7 Explain 4P concept in view of market with example?
Q.8 What factors decides the location of industries?
Q.9 Explain the term advertising and publicity.  State its objectives.


Q.1 Give the effective introduction yourself.
Q.2 what do you understand by productivity? Explain in brief different types of productivity.
Q.3 What do you understand by the work measurement and time measurement?  How is it carried out?
Q.4 What do you understand by work study?
Q.5 What is the difference between operations management and project management?
Q.6 Define and classify plant layout.
Q.7 Explain the basic procedure of method study.
Q.8 Write short notes on man- machine chart.
Q.9 Explain in brief concept of TQM.
Q.10 What do you understand by six sigma quality?
Q.11 what is quality control?  Explain various quality control tools/methods that can be used for small enterprise
Q.12 what is QFD?  Explain the tools of QFD.
Q.13 Write short on – man and machine chart.
Q.14 Discuss various systems of performance rating.
Q.15 Write about work factor system.


Q.1 Define entrepreneurship.  What are the classification and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?
Q.2 What is the role of an entrepreneur in the economic growth of nation?
Q.3 Distinguish between entrepreneur and manger.
Q.4 Distinguish between Fabian entrepreneur and drone entrepreneur.
Q.5 What are women entrepreneurship and its role in India?
Q.6 Distinguish between Fabian entrepreneur and drone entrepreneur.
Q.7 Write short notes on-
(a).Types of Ownership                   (b) sources of funds
(c).EDC                                                   (d) EAC

REFERENCE BOOKS: Notes & PPT delivered by Dr. J. K. Pandey, BIST


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