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1.      Explain the term system and the key components of a system?
2.      What is law of requisite variety  and consequences of stress?
3.      What is Open-adaptive flexible system.
4.      What is concepts of feedback and feed forward.
5.      What is elements of the work system frame work.
1.      What do you understand by management and Write about management information system?
2.      What is SWOT analysis?
3.      What are the various types of planning and any four qualities of a successful leader?
4.      What is decision making and What do you understand by unstructured decision?
5.      What are the limitations of planning.?
1.      What are 4P`s of marketing Mix.
2.      What are the concept of fund flow.
3.      What are needs, wants and demands?
4.      What do you mean by break-even point .
5.      What is Customer Relationship Management.
1.      What is cost of quality?                            
2.      What is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).
3.      What is QFD (Quality function Deployment)        .
4.      What is rating?
5.      What are the differences between operation management and project management?

1.What is `Entrepreneurship`.
2.What are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?
3.Differentiate between the `Entrepreneur` and `Manager`.
4.What is the role of an entrepreneur in generation employment opportunities.

5.What are the objectives of Entrepreneurship development programs?


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